Time to fight back! Priyanka Reddy case

The murder of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy near Shamshabad has been sensational across the country.

Netizens are burning with petrol and burning after gang rape and murder. Her parents wept when they latent that Priyanka had been murdered. Priyanka Reddy’s mother spoke to the media on Friday.

Time to fight back! Priyanka Reddy case

She said suspicion she had came at 10 pm and she had gone to search for Priyanka with kudukutri. They went to the police station near Shamshabad airport to see that their child was missing.

The case is out of their reach. It was too late otherwise, our mother does not feel that we have. The police said something. Where to go after watching the footage of the scene? Appeared on arrival, not later. Eto, with someone else. Does the girl have any love affairs? Tell the truth? The police asked themselves. Priyanka’s mother said that the report should not be given elsewhere.

Priyanka’s mother demanded that the accused who killed her child be killed on Nadirodu. Should his baby bring tablets? That is only one minute. His child is a very kind man, ignorant.

Priyanka Reddy is expected to marry and is looking for a relationship. If she feels that she should send it to Attarinti.. can’t imagine a day like this. Priyanka’s friends are not even big..she has a family.

My child was killed horribly. If the patrol is poisoned ..how much my baby is? what sin have our sins committed? Priyanka’s mother was in tears.

Priyanka’s life came to an end at the age of 26.. at a young age, my child suffered the loss of life. No matter how much you educated .. the girl is a girl, she said .she is now worried about or little sister. She told me that she was not doing any work .. Priyanka was crying that her right arm was broken when she died.

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