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Atletico CEO slams Super League for destroying football.

Miguel Angel Kiel Marin has once again confirmed that. The Super League project will destroy the football pyramid. Including the traditions of European football that have been passed down for a long time. Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Kiel Marin has once again slammed Real Madrid

Mbappe informs Paris of transfer this summer.

Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain striker Report your needs to the club. Want to move away from the team this summer. Mbappe has been linked with a transfer for the past several months. After being adamant that he does not want to renew his contract with PSG. While the

Leed added another pull. ‘Sinisterra’ with wings

Leeds United have also continued to strengthen with the signing of Feyenoord winger Luis Sinisterra, joining the army for the sixth time this summer. Playing with Feyenoord will help the team reach the Europa League. In the Conference League final before losing to Roma, he contributed 23 goals