Program Liverpool: Open the schedule Reds’ final 4 games

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Program Liverpool: Open the schedule of the Reds’ final 4 games of the season throughout the month of May 2023.

And then arrived at the last month of the 2022/23 season. Which for Liverpool itself seemed comfortable, nothing to press on in the final curve. Because the football cup had already exhausted from the previous month, including in the Premier League itself. Just play the program and rank as best as possible for the fans. Starting from UFABET

Premier League – home v Brentford

Opening the month with settling down at Anfield, waiting to welcome Brenford, who has performed better than expected this season, with Thomas Frank’s own team seeking to enter the rankings to play in one European football competition. first in club history And that means they will only play for 3 points in this game.

Premier League – Raid the fox siam

After the game against Brentford, the Reds will fully rest for almost 10 days before they will play again on Monday Night next week. And it’s a visit to Leicester City who are struggling to escape relegation. Of course, the problem of Siam Fox is 3 points before, so this game will definitely not be easy, even if The Fox’s performance is poor this season.

Premier League – Open Anfield to welcome Aston Villa

Klopp’s side are next set to return to action on Saturday against Aston Villa. Another contender for European football after the last two months. improved in a leap forward until reaching the upper zone of the table And of course with the high competition in this area. And they themselves want to play in European football. Therefore, points are still important for the rising lion army in this game for sure.

Premier League – End of the season away at Southampton

The final game of the season will play on Sunday, every pair at the same time. Where Liverpool have a queue to attack Southampton. Who at risk of being relegated to the top. Because they currently hold the bottom of the table. Who still does not know if it continues until the last game. They will still have a chance or not, fans will have to wait and follow each other.