Manchester United program: schedule of the last 5 games

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Manchester United program: schedule of the last 5 games of the Red Devils throughout May 2023.

Their elimination in the UEFA Europa League after losing to Sevilla last month. Causing Manchester United ‘s program. This May not be as crowded as previous months, all of which are play in the Premier League, starting with.

Premier League – West Ham away

After going to defeat Brighton the night. Before red devil party There is a queue to continue playing on Sunday night with a visit to West Ham. Who are hoping to escape relegation. Even though they are not in the danger zone, David Moyes’ team is not 100% alive. So they definitely want to have points even if their opponent is Manchester United.

Premier League – home match against Wolves

Encounters with Wolverhampton In this game, it may not be a very difficult task. Because the wolf partisans currently have 7 points away from the relegation zone with 4 games remaining, although they are not sure yet, but have a high chance of staying in the league. next highest

Premier League – At home against Bournemouth

Previously, Bournemouth was another team that had to struggle hard to survive next season. But with their excellent performances over the past month, Gary O’Neill’s side have moved up to 12th place, nine points clear of the relegation zone, meaning they only need three more points from their final four games. In survival, it’s almost 100% safe.

Premier League – Welcome to Chelsea

It’s a big game in the last semi-final of the season. Where Manchester United have to open the Old Trafford nest to welcome Chelsea. Whose performance is poor, which the Blues seem to have no hope for the rest of the season. Of the season But if the form still doesn’t stop A gap of only 9 points could lead to an escape from relegation at the end of the game.

Premier League – Close the league with the opening match at home to Fulham.

The last game is a rematch of the FA Cup, the last 8 teams that many people will remember well. Because of the winning red card that was pushed to the manager by the little magnate. Can hold firmly That makes them no longer have a chance to win this season. Just play according to the program.