Lampard praises “KDB” as the best midfielder of the Premier League era.

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Frank Lampard, former England midfielder praises Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne. As the best midfield player of the Premier League era. From his achievements and influence on the team.

De Bruyne has won a total of 14 major championships with City. This season, despite being injured for 5 months to undergo knee muscle surgery. When he fully recovered and returned to the field. He was involved in 9 goals from playing just 8 games. 

The quality the Belgian playmaker has consistently shown year. After year is a key reason Lampard has named him the best midfielder in the English Premier League since the 1992-93 season ทางเข้า UFABET 

“Kevin has clearly shown the quality of a player he was when he joined Chelsea as a young man. His level has been showing since practice,” commented the official website. 

“But at that time we already had many players in the same position as Kevin. So he had difficulty inserting himself onto the field.”

“At that point it was no surprise that Kevin was disappointed. I understand that because I’ve been a player myself. There’s hunger, ambition. So when I’m not playing, things often happen. facial expression eye color And that appeared on De Bruyne’s face as well.” 

“He left Chelsea wanting to play regularly. I respect that.” 

“Kevin is looking for another way. and want to get to that point as quickly as possible.” 

“Then I saw him develop into a very special player. He is unique. and produce consistently high levels of performance.”

“That guy reads the game, the goals he scores, the hard work he does for the team. Those qualities have improved a lot since the last time we played together.”

“We all see the same thing. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say. That he is the best midfield player of the English Premier League era.  

Since the 2019-20 Champions League season. De Bruyne has scored a total of 10 goals in the knockout rounds. With only three people scoring more than him: Karim Benzema (17 goals ), Erling Bae. Raut Haaland (13 goals ) and Robert Lewandowski ( 11 goals )