“Frank” admits still contacting “Eriksen” – waiting for him to decide

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank has revealed he is still in contact with Christian Eriksen and is waiting for the player to decide on his future

. back on the field again After the midfielder struggled with health problems during his international career at Euro 2020 until Inter Milan’s contract was terminated last season, the

30-year-old has proven himself to be one goal and four assists in 11 games. Who entered the field in the color of the shirt of “Little Bee” before his contract expired at the end of June,

now Eriksen has become an official free agent. And are rumored to be signing for Manchester United soon,

however, Frank revealed that he is still in contact with Eriksen and is ready to get the Dens midfielder blood back to the team with a new contract.

“I have to believe But I read newspapers. Let’s wait and see how it turns out.” UFABET

“I’m still in contact with Christian, but we keep it between us until he signs a contract here or with another club,”

he said. And he had to decide what he wanted to do with his life and career path. So he already has an offer for us. But I don’t know anything more. But I think he’s got offers from other teams as well

. And we talked all the time. But I didn’t meet him in Copenhagen. We tell him some good stories here. and he knows that.”Last edited by blackmagician on Fri Jul 08, 2022 12:25, 2 times in total