AC Milan signed a lack of ‘Messius’ 4.5 million plus bonuses.

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AC Milan have signed Junior Messius on a permanent basis for around €4.5 million plus bonuses. After an impressive loan

move, Messi moved to Milan last summer on loan from Crotone. Which includes an option to buy for around €5 million.

The 31-year-old has also impressed with helping the Rossoneri to the Scudetto with five goals in 26 league games.

Messias’ arrival at the highest levels of club football is all the more impressive give he began his career in Italy in the amateur game over a decade ago.

He arrived in Italy to live with his brother in 2011. And slowly rose through the lower reaches of Italian football – at one point transporting fridges for a living – before being picked up by then-Serie B club Crotone in January 2019.

He helped the southern team up to Serie A and two seasons ago scored nine times in 36 league appearances for a team. Which went straight back down after a year in the top flight. Earning himself the chance to play for seven-time European champions Milan on loan.

So they decided to sign Messius joined the team on a permanent basis, agreeing to pay a fee of €4.5 million and bonuses attached. The UFABET report

Messias’ rise to top football is a particularly impressive story. Because he started his football career by playing amateur football.

He moved to Italy in 2011 before gradually moving up from the lower divisions until Crotone was drawn to Serie B in January 2019

, helping Crotone promote to Serie A. Ah succeeded, and although it didn’t help the team survive in the top league in the following seasons. But he also contributed nine goals in 36 games and eventually moved to Milan.

At some point in his life he also spent the summer working as a delivery boy. Instead of going on vacation like other players do.