India 73rd Independence Day celebrated on 15 August 2019

Meaning of Independence:

India 73rd Independence Day: It is a condition of a person, nation, country, or state in which its residents and population or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory.

India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day will be followed by singing the national anthem and 21 cannon salute to pay respect for the freedom fighters. There will be also a March past by soldiers and armed forces.

India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day on August 15, 2019. The country got independence from the British Raj in the year 1947, after 200 years of struggle.

India will celebrate the day with joy and zeal. President of India Ramnath Kovind will address the nation on August 14 at 7.p.m.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will host the flag at 7.30 am on August 15. Independence Day, one of the three National Holidays in India.

The other two being the Republic Day on 26 January. Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2nd October. Independence Day is observed in all Indian states and union territories.

India is not only the country who celebrated this auspicious day. More three countries celebrated on 15th August.

They are South and North Korea,( 15,1945). Bahrain-The country declared its Independence from the British on August (15, 1971)

Liechtenstein-The World’s sixth smallest nation marks its Independence Day on August 15 to commemorate its liberation from Germany rule in 1866. India attained its freedom from the nearly 200 years long British rule on August 15, 1947.

Before leaving India,The British divided India into two independent states. INDIA AND PAKISTAN.
Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14.

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