“Dietary supplements”, when to eat and how to get the most benefit

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Dietary supplements“, when to eat and how to get the most benefit

It is said that timing everything. And that’s true. even when it comes to taking nutritional supplements Many people grow up taking a multivitamin regularly during breakfast. one pill per day It’s not uncommon nowadays for people to list supplements on a daily basis. And eat with fruit juice or smoothies in the morning

Despite the endless number of articles on vitamin intake, But few people understand that what matters is not just what we eat. but also the time of eating. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

“Why” is more important than “When”.

First, it’s important to understand that Supplements are useful additions to a diet. But not meant compensate for unhealthy food. Sometimes people may deceive themselves that Even with an unhealthy diet, we can make up for lost nutrition by taking large amounts of vitamins. Proper nutrition is essential to good health. Vitamins and supplements are valuable in ensuring that You will get all the nutrients your body needs. which will raise the level of nutrients It is not a substitute for daily useful food items. It has the right amount of protein, fruits and vegetables of different colors.

Before you take vitamins It’s important to talk to your doctor about your goals and get advice. This includes to determine the compatibility of your supplement with the medications you are currently taking. in giving advice Your doctor will consider your age, overall health, and other medical considerations. 

Follow the instructions on the label. 

  • Most supplements should taken with food.

You should always take supplements according to the instructions on the label. Let’s start with some essential information. Vitamins and other supplements Many can eaten with meals or with plenty of water. There are many reasons for this. Eating kickstarts the digestive process that helps people digest the supplement. For some people, taking the supplement on an empty stomach can cause nausea. Some important factors irritate the digestive system. such as iron, manganese and fish oil due to the digestive side effects of taking supplements on an empty stomach. Some people stop taking supplements. and not getting the essential nutrition that your body needs 

Many people say they feel better when they take vitamins with food.

  • The right supplement for the morning 

Supplements provide nutrients that are not available in your diet. or if there are few Protein is often not enough at breakfast and lunch. But there will be too much in the evening. The best way to start your day is Eating protein supplements in the form of a healthy smoothie menu Protein not only provides the body with the energy it needs. but also plays an important role in the immune system Our protein shakes and protein bars provide your body with the protein it needs at every meal and after a workout.  

Adding a Multivitamin to Your Morning Routine Multivitamins are most effective when taken at the start of the day or consumed in smaller amounts throughout the day. B vitamins stimulate metabolic and brain function. But may not be good for the evening or bed time. It’s recommend to take B vitamins in the morning to boost your energy at the start of your day. Check the label to see if there is caffeine in your supplement, and if so, it may boost beneficial energy. But don’t take those supplements within 6 hours of bedtime.