Each type of comb is used for what type of hair condition?          

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Just combing can help reduce hair loss! Sounds unbelievable, right? But let me tell you, there is a hair brush that can really help reduce hair loss! I must say that combing your hair in the wrong way has a slight chance of causing hair to fall out. Whether choosing a type of comb Using a comb when hair is wet It causes the hair to become tangle and cause hair to fall out. The scalp is not healthy. Choosing a comb that is suitable for combing your hair while it’s dry or when it’s wet. Choosing a comb with soft bristles Helps stimulate blood circulation on the head well. It will greatly reduce the problem of hair loss.

We ทางเข้า ufabet have gathere together hair brushes that are known to help preserve the hair. Helps make hair smooth, not tangled, and helps reduce hair loss well. Anyone who wants to say goodbye to hair loss problems You’ll have to try and find one to use!

Comb is another item that is like an assistant that makes our hair look beautiful, shiny, and healthy.  
Having healthy hair Doesn’t fall off. Therefore, this is another reason that can help increase confidence.
Therefore, we should choose the right type of comb and its use.

Wide-Tooth Comb is suitable for long, curly hair. Makes hair that has been curle or set well not break or loosen and stay in shape for a long time. This type of comb helps in detangling hair very well. It also helps distribute shampoo and conditioner.

Wild Boar Brush is suitable for hair that is already healthy. but want the shine of the hair Because this comb stimulates the oils on the scalp to make the hair shiny. and shine even better.

Wooden Comb (Wooden Comb) suitable for frizzy hair. which is a comb that does not create static electricity To reduce frizz that comes from friction between the hair and the comb.

Electric Comb (Electric Comb) suitable for all hair types. Especially for straight hair, easy to use, can comb deep to the roots of the hair. This type of comb can be style faster than a normal comb. On days when I rush out to work, I can tell you that the electric comb is definitely complete.

Round Brush Comb (Round Brush Comb) suitable for both short and long hair types. Most often used
Pair it with a hair dryer to make your hair look voluminous. Or want to have soft, natural curls.
The caveat for this brush is that it may eat and tangle the hair. Do not be in too much of a hurry to comb.

Pointed-tip comb or Tail Comb: This type of comb everyone probably has at home because of its versatility that can be use in a variety of situations. Suitable for hair types that need to be divid. and use with smooth hair Makes styling your hair easy and beautiful.

Fine-Tooth Comb: Anyone with thin and straight hair, come this way. A wide-toothed comb is very suitable for combing this type of hair  because fine hair is more likely to fall out than other types of hair. If you use large bristles such as nylon or boar bristle brushes, it may cause hair to fall out. Until causing problems with thinning hair A comb with small, frequent teeth is a very good choice.